In Good Company With Harry & Christie

27th October, 2014

Vogue Paris made a list of their favorite fine jewelry Instagram accounts, including us among Harry Winston & Christie’s Jewelry!

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vintage jewelry and engagement ring eras

10th October, 2014

4 of a kind

6th October, 2014

Can you pick one?

2.14 Carat Vintage Art Deo Diamond Engagement Ring SOLD

1.78 Carat Vintage Tiffany & Co. Engagement Ring $31,000

2.02 Carat Vintage Art Deco Engagement Ring $35,000

2.04 Carat Vintage Tiffany & Co. Diamond Engagement Ring $40,0000

Are You Ready For This?

5th October, 2014

Wedding bands By Erstwhile coming soon!

This is a sneak preview of one of our wedding bands from our new collection!

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Stunning Edwardian Cluster Find!

2nd October, 2014

This beautiful Edwardian Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring

…was made during the early 1900s when these lovely Edwardian era woman still roamed the streets!

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22nd August, 2014

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Protect Your Bling

9th July, 2014

Our beautifully bezel set diamond vintage engagement ring.. perfection.

Can be found in our shop here.

One advantage of the bezel setting as compared to the prong settings is that the diamond is better protected from accidental rubbing or blows, and is less likely to allow the diamond to scratch. The bezel setting is also more secure, so the diamond is less likely to be dislodged by the wearer’s activity. Example of a bezel setting:

More about bezel settings here…

fancy a yellow diamond engagement ring?

4th July, 2014

Our most recent find.. is a stunning fancy yellow diamond engagement ring made in the late 19th century!

Yellow diamonds are the second most common fancy diamonds. Sometimes referred to as “canary”.

Yellow diamonds are sometimes marketed as “canary”. While it isn’t a proper grading term, it’s commonly used in the trade to describe fancy yellow diamonds.

Fancy Diamonds

Fancy diamonds are any diamonds that are colored.. Even in light tones and weak saturation, as long as they show color in the face-up position, they qualify as fancy colors. Red, green, and blue diamonds with medium to dark tones are extremely rare!

Grading fancy color diamonds is complex and specialized.. here are the grading terms:

A stunning side view of the yellow diamond currently in our collection..

Fun Fact:

The Tiffany yellow diamond is one of the largest yellow diamonds ever discovered, it weighed 287.42 carats!

Worn only twice, once by a socialite to a ball and the other by Audrey Hepburn in 1961 for publicity for Breakfast At Tiffany’s.

And one more shot of our yellow diamond find, it’s over 130 years old!

a shreve & co. vintage engagement ring

27th June, 2014


Shreve & Co. came about in San Francisco in 1894..

Can you spot the elephants above?!

Opening their first store just 1 month before the San Francisco Earthquake of 1906.

They are the oldest commercial establishment in San Francisco.

This vintage engagement ring was made on or before 1910 by Shreve & Co:

It’s incredible to think that this ring was probably worn during this epic Earthquake!

Likely worn by a Gibson Girl, a classic american beauty during the 1890′s – 1920′s.



hold on… new vintage engagement rings coming this week!

25th June, 2014