Actual Diamond Carat Size On A Hand

Are you trying to decide how many carats you want in your engagement ring but need a real life reference?
Your guide to actual diamond sizes on a hand featuring a round old european cut diamond in each ring.  The sizes of the carats above are approximations and the actual sizes vary a few points. We featured this range because these are the most requested carat sizes.

A setting can make a big difference in how big a diamond may look. We're featuring these classic prong settings to give a consistent reference. A cluster or halo setting can make a diamond appear larger.

Many of our clients are concerned about their hand sizes in regards to the diamond size. Woman with smaller hands often feel they can't wear larger carat sizes but once they actually try them on they find that isn't true. Our model here is about a ring size 4.5 and both the 1 carat and 2.5 carat look just as fitting. A larger finger or hand does look better with a larger carat diamond but you can also fake it with a fuller setting featuring smaller diamonds in a cluster or other design.