Alisa Klusner

"This ring was truly a unique find. As soon as he saw it he knew that this ring would be the one."

When duo that founded Erstwhile got engaged the ring part came easy. As soon as Jared decided to take the plunge, the ring came to him almost the next day. A dealer who he closely worked with brought the ring to him for Erstwhile and he knew that it would never make it to the shop.

What era and style is the ring?

It is an Edwardian ring made around 1910 centered with an old mine cushion cut diamond in a platinum cluster setting.

What cut diamond is featured in your ring?

The cut of the diamond is an old mine cushion cut which is a more squared off cut rather then a round old European. Which were worn during this era as well.

What do you love about your ring?

This ring was truly a unique find. As soon as Jared saw it he knew that this ring would be the one. Mostly love that it is so unique. We've sold over 1000 engagement rings but I've never seen one like this. What I love about my ring in particular is the ultra low profile (meaning it sits perfectly flush on my finger) and the bezel setting. Bezel set diamonds are more secure as they are fully protected on all sides. They also tend to sit lower in the setting adding extra security. I wear my ring to the beach and other places because I am unworried about it's safety.

Do you recreate your ring?

While we don't recreate my ring, we do recreate many of the vintage engagement rings in our sold gallery. If you love my ring and want something similar I would search for an Edwardian or Art Deco vintage engagement ring made in a cluster setting featuring a bezel. 

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