Kate Hindin

In our first installment of the Ring Dish we're featuring our in-house jewelry styling expert, newly married Kate Hindin.

You may recognize Kate from when you were shopping for your engagement ring at our New York City showroom or from our Instagram flashing Erstwhile gems. She is also a contributor, read her fascinating stories here. Earlier this month we joined Kate at her Clinton Hill apartment to get the dish on her increasingly overflowing jewelry box of rings, gems, and cherished family heirlooms.

The majority of my jewelry is inherited from my grandmother and mother. They were both eclectic jewelry collectors — with collections ranging from fine jewelry to pieces picked up on travels around the world, to little treasures fished from bargain bins at garage sales. Most of my treasured pieces probably don’t have much monetary value, but I associate them with my grandmother and mother.

I love mixing textures and metals and I prefer when things don’t look too matchy. I also like comfortable jewelry…rings that are light and easy to wear, necklaces that aren’t too heavy, and earrings that are colorful but also light on my ear lobes. I am not a particularly feminine dresser, so I try to add a little femininity to my outfits by adding in some sparkle by layering necklaces, stacking a few rings, or wearing an interesting watch.

Some of my most treasured childhood memories are from playing dress up in my grandmothers' jewelry boxes. My paternal grandmother was a psychic and had drawers and drawers full of long beaded necklaces, strands of pearls, unusual pins, and all sorts of random crystals and flea market treasures. My maternal grandmother’s jewels were of the "Miami circa 1985” variety; chunky gold necklaces, strangely shaped rings, lots of bling, and a smattering of colored gems. My stepfather owns a pawn shop and jewelry store in Sacramento, so I also grew up working in the store, looking at all the gold chains and random baubles, and falling in love with all things sparkly.

I don’t think there should be any rules for jewelry! And I tell clients that all the time. Wear what you like, enjoy what you have, and if you want to look down and see all of your most special rings on your hand, then do it, no matter if they match or not. Jewelry is meant to be fun, lovely to look at, and whimsical. No matter if you are wearing a macaroni necklace to a diamond tiara, you should enjoy your pieces and get good use out of them!

My essential pieces are my engagement ring and wedding bands (from Erstwhile, of course!), my evil eye bracelet, my mom’s diamond tennis bracelet (that I’ve taken to wearing daily ever since I wore it to my wedding in November) and small stud earrings that I rarely take out. I go through phases of wearing fashion jewelry, and some days add a statement necklace or interesting earring to liven up my outfit, but I can usually be found in my essentials.

My husband and I are Jewish so we knew we wanted traditional, unadorned, gold bands to exchange on our wedding day. That being said, I couldn’t resist one of our Zephyr bands to sparkle up my stack, so I wear that ring as well. I usually wear all three rings together, but sometimes I just wear the two bands on their own if I’m running around or don’t want to feel like I have too much jewelry on. No matter what, I will always wear my gold wedding band, but I look forward to acquiring more bands as our by Erstwhile band collection continues to grow and adding some new pieces into the mix!

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