Welcome to the dark side.

From black onyx to darkened metal, we're loving the dark side of vintage jewelry this week. Erstwhile's resident jewelry expert, Kate Hindin, curates a selection of pieces that has us feeling moody in such a good way.

I may be from California, but I have embraced the “New Yorkers always wear black” trend wholeheartedly.

That could be why I’m particularly drawn to black onyx accented rings and silver mounted rings that have been oxidized over time. I love the contrast between a sparkling diamond and the dark metal or black onyx. It’s moody, unusual, and the reflective texture of the onyx is a great counterpoint to the refractive sparkle of a diamond.

Georgian and Victorian jewelers may be disappointed to see how much we love the blackened silver surrounding their stones. This wasn’t intended, but is rather a natural by product of silver oxidizing over time. Lucky us!

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