17 Stunning Under 1 Carat Vintage Engagement Rings

Our selection of under 1 carat engagement rings is filled with dazzling unique settings as well as classic solitaires.

Why consider a diamond less then 1 carat?

It is important to note the value structure changes with every half carat of a diamond. For example the pricing between a .50 and .99 carat stone is one range vs 1 carat and 1.49 carats. So when you find yourself on the threshold of one of these ranges, a good example being between .99 and 1 carat you will probably find a big price jump. Certainly one carat sounds like a nice round number but place a 1 carat diamond next to a .99 carat diamond and you won’t know the difference.

With vintage rings it’s about the unique style of the setting and the cut and color of the diamond. If you happen to find a vintage setting that you love but it’s under the .99 carat threshold you should not let that stop you. Take into consideration how unique and rare the ring is as a whole. If it’s special enough you won’t likely find another and then it’s worth it. At the end of the day don’t get caught up on size, focus on what strikes your eye and your heart.

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