Pairing Your Wedding Band to Your Vintage Engagement Ring

We have a wide variety of antique and By Erstwhile bands that compliment all eras of vintage engagement rings.

Vintage rings are notoriously difficult to match with wedding bands, but don’t be discouraged! Thinking outside the (ring) box can lead to pairing engagement rings with less traditional bands or vice versa.


Victorian rings are often gold, but don’t let that dictate the metal of your band. We love pairing intricate Victorian rings with our simple Golden Hoop and our Zephyr to add some dimension and contrast. The rhodium on the Zephyr compliments the black enamel seen on many Victorian engagement rings, and the single cut diamonds add a little extra femininity and sparkle. Don’t be afraid to wear your rings on two different hands either. If you feel like your engagement ring is a standout on its own, move it to the right hand and wear a simple diamond eternity band, like our Old Miner, on your left hand (look above).

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The beginning of the 20th century ushered in the use of platinum. We love pairing feminine and soft Edwardian rings with textural bands featuring fancy diamond shapes, or unusual finishes. Soft filigree details look lovely next to starker, more simple eternity bands, like this Cartier carre cut Deco band. We also love the texture of our Triad paired with Edwardian styles. Stack em up, and enjoy the sparkle!

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Art Deco

Do have an Art Deco engagement ring? Compliment the geometric aesthetic with a simple eternity band from the same era. An eternity band made of French or carre cut diamonds looks lovely next to a simple and elegant Art Deco ring.

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There are no rules. Wearing what feels best and most accurately represents your partnership will inevitable lead to the right wedding band...and if you have a few on your mind, your first anniversary is only one short year away!

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