We're Talking Sapphires

From Princess Josephine to Kate Middleton, sapphires have been beloved by jewelry aficionados for centuries.

Why we love them

Recalling the deep blue sea, the blue of the evening sky, and the grayish blue of the distant horizon, sapphires evoke some of the most beautiful phenomenon in the world. Sapphires symbolize sympathy, harmony, and loyalty and in many countries they are the preferred center stone in engagement rings. It’s no wonder this September birthstone is so popular, half the population reports that blue is their favorite color!


Did you know sapphires are in the same family as rubies? They are actually both part of the corundum family which consists of three gem members: sapphires, rubies, and padparadscha. All pink and red shades are either rubies or padparadscha. All other shades are sapphires. Sapphires in shades other than blue are called "fancy sapphires.” These fancies can be found in violet, green, yellow, orange, pink, and purple.

Quality Factors

Sapphires come in various colors, but strong vivid color saturation is most desirable regardless of hue. An untreated sapphire is more valuable then a treated sapphire, but be careful to note that a "natural" sapphire does not mean it is untreated. All sapphires are "natural". Untreated means that the sapphire hasn't been subject to any chemical or heat treatments. Only one percent of all sapphires that are discovered are gem quality without treatment, which makes untreated sapphires very rare.

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