Vintage Engagement Ring Settings

Vintage engagement rings come in many styles. Like trends today, ring trends in the past changed and evolved with the fashions of the day. 
Certain ring styles were ubiquitous during particular eras. But most often the styles didn’t vanish rather they transformed and changed through the ages. As an example the cluster style which as been around for centuries but has had many variations progressing from one era to the next..

Originally used at least, as far back as the Georgian era. And continued to be used and loved throughout the Victorian and Edwardian eras. Clusters can be found in the Art Deco era as well but more popular during this time was the halo setting, a more streamlined and modern version of the cluster.

The bezel setting has been used as far back as the middle ages and continue to be used today.

The three stone setting is also ubiquitous. Rings have been made in this setting from the Georgian era to the present. Often set with diamonds but sometimes a colored stone was set in the center with two flanking diamonds on either side. Usually a bezel setting or prong setting is used in the making of the three stone style.

The box setting, an elegant and modern design made popular during the Art Deco era. Preferred for it’s simple design and the way the design allowed for light to flow into the diamond through sides of the setting.

The four prong setting, the most popular and modern of the settings. It’s rise to stardom began during the Art Deco period and has continued to today. This type of setting shows the most surface area of the diamond which gives light many entry points.
Vintage ring setting styles