Our namesake collection of vintage inspired engagement rings set with antique cut diamonds in precious metals handcrafted in New York City.

What are antique cut diamond?

Antique cut diamonds are vintage diamonds that have been cut before the 1940s. They often feature smaller tables and deeper pavilions, which results in a chunkier look. These diamonds are becoming increasingly rare as the supply of antique diamonds dwindles. And finally, antique cut diamonds represent a bygone era of craftsmanship and artistry. In a world where mass production is the norm, many people are drawn to the uniqueness and beauty of antique cut diamonds.

How are Erstwhile engagement rings unique?

The diamond comes first. Each antique stone is hand selected by our experts for rarity, beauty and quality. The setting is then carefully crafted around the antique diamond using old world methods by our master craftsman. Perfectly building the mounting around the gorgeous centerpiece.

What is a vintage inspired engagement ring?

Our Erstwhile made engagement rings are modeled after our most favorite vintage engagement rings from our archive of sold rings over the past 10 years. Some pieces only take vintage design details while others are perfect replicas of the original.Find recreations of some of your favorite vintage engagement rings from your archive right here!