From Diamonds to Emeralds: A Unique Custom Strela Engagement Ring

Custom Emerald Three Stone Engagement Ring

Custom Emerald Three Stone Engagement Ring

We love transforming historical inspiration into personalized pieces. Recently, we had the pleasure of creating a custom engagement ring for a client who wanted a unique twist on our classic Strela ring. The original Strela, a three-stone Victorian-inspired ring from our Erstwhile collection, features old European cut diamonds. However, our client envisioned something truly distinct—a version set with a stunning Colombian emerald.

The Original Strela

The original Strela ring is a nod to the elegance of the 19th century. This Victorian-inspired piece, set with old European cut diamonds, epitomizes the beauty and craftsmanship of a bygone time captured by our master jewelers. Its design showcases the sophistication of the era, making it a favorite among those who appreciate antique jewelry.

victorian inspired three stone engagement ring strela

A Unique Customization

Our client's vision was to create a Strela ring that incorporated a vibrant 1.30 carat Colombian emerald as the centerpiece, flanked by two antique old European cut diamonds. The rich green hue of the emerald combined with the brilliance of the diamonds promised to create a striking piece. Alongside the emerald, we selected two exquisite antique old European cut diamonds that complemented the emerald’s vibrant color.

The Craftsmanship

Our jewelers paid meticulous attention to every detail, ensuring that the custom ring retained the beauty of the original Strela design. The result was a beautifully balanced piece that honored the Victorian inspiration while standing out as a one-of-a-kind creation. The finished piece was nothing short of stunning. The combination of the emerald and diamonds in the Victorian-inspired setting exceeded our expectations and left our client thrilled. It was the first time we had created an emerald Strela, and we were impressed with the outcome.

Bringing Your Dream to Life

We love when clients bring us their unique ideas and visions. Each project is a journey of creativity, resulting in a piece that is uniquely yours. Explore our custom gallery to see more of our bespoke creations and get inspired. Ready to start your own custom project? Contact us today and let’s create something timeless together.

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