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Top 6 Vintage Engagement Rings of 2015

Top 6 Vintage Engagement Rings of 2015 - Erstwhile Jewelry

Top 6 Vintage Engagement Rings of 2015 - Erstwhile Jewelry

We're ringing in the New Year with the most popular vintage rings that have come and gone through the Erstwhile collection over the past year. We play favorites with almost all of our rings but these were ultimate heartbreakers! Drumroll please....

1. Egyptian Revival Always a Good Idea

The expeditions that led to the discovery in 1922 of the treasure of Tutankhamun's tomb by the archaeologist Howard Carter resulted in a 20th-century Egyptian revival. Which influenced jewelry design of the Art Deco period. This ring is a perfect example of the Egyptian motifs that can be found in jewelry and art of this time. And is an all time favorite of ours.

2. Blue is the Warmest Color

An extraordinary ring set with a 1.40 carat aquamarine. We chose this one for the unusual setting which features black onyx, pearls, and diamonds all beautifully set in yellow gold. Another favorite feature of ours is a very low profile. In other words the ring lays very low on the finger, an elegant and very wearable style.

3. A is for Asscher

We had to include an asscher in our line up because.. well isn't it obvious. Asshcers are unique and unusual, we don't find them often in vintage rings and when we do, we grab 'em! This beauty features a 1.26 carat asscher cut diamond in an Art Deco setting made around 1925 and worn very likely by a forward-thinking flapper.

4. Everything's Coming Up Roses

Rose cut diamonds shine with a diffused light rather then the bright light of modern cuts. Developed in the 1600s in India this cut was one of the most popular and consistently used cuts throughout the eras. This Edwardian ring features a 1.20 carat rose cut which also happens to be yellow in color and is set in rose gold. All these combined features make this an all time favorite.

5. Hello Halo

It wouldn't be a favorites list without a halo setting. This beauty lasted maybe a total of 48 hours in our collection before it got scooped up! Made in the 1930s with a halo of diamonds centered with a 1.70 carat diamond. The ring is a stand out but because the setting sits low on the finger it also feels understated, a perfect balance.

6. Clustering Around

Clusters are a favorite here and this Victorian ring featuring a stunning pink sapphire. A perfect example of a cluster at its best. Accented with old mine cut diamonds which were typical of the period.

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