profile of a vintage solitaire engagement ring
profile of a vintage solitaire engagement ring

Solitaire Engagement Rings

Enduring & Timeless: This Classic Transcends Trends

At Erstwhile, we celebrate this timeless style by curating vintage classics and hand-selecting the most exquisite antique diamonds to create solitaire engagement rings.

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A Timeless Classic

A solitaire engagement ring is classic design featuring a single, prominently displayed center gemstone, often a diamond, set on a simple band. This minimalist style places the focus on the beauty and brilliance of the singular gem.

When choosing a solitaire engagement ring, consider the quality of the center stone, for it is the star of the show. The setting itself demands attention – a simple design can be deceptively difficult to perfect. Reflect on your lifestyle; does your heart lean towards a higher setting that ensures a flush fit with a band, or does a lower profile that exudes elegance entice you?

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