old mine cushion cut diamond engagement ring
old mine cushion cut diamond engagement ring

Old Mine Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

The Candlelight Diamond: A Captivating 200 Year Old Legend
The old mine cut diamond, fondly referred to as the "old miner," originated in 18th century Europe, capturing the essence of an era steeped in romance. This old world cut boasts a chunky sculptural shape with variations in roundness or rectangularity and consistently features squared off corners.
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Wear Your History

The old mine cut diamond emerged during the Georgian era between 1714 to 1837, capturing the imaginations of diamond connoisseurs with its unique sparkle. However, it truly rose to prominence during the Victorian Era starting in the 1840s. This was the first diamond cut that exhibited stunning brightness regardless of lighting conditions, making it a perfect companion for both daylight and the soft glow of candlelight that illuminated evenings before the invention of electricity.

The high crown, small table, and open culet are distinctive features of old mine diamonds. And unique blend of facets creating a mesmerizing play of light.