Gem Certification

At our core, we're committed to bringing you the finest quality gemstones. That's why we partner with reputable external institutions like the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and GCal (Gem Certification & Assurance Lab) for our stone certification process.

GIA: Defining Diamond Standards Since 1931

Founded in 1931, the GIA stands as a beacon of trust and integrity in the gemstone industry. With a mission to safeguard both buyers and sellers, the GIA sets and upholds the standards that form the basis for evaluating gemstone quality. Through research, precise gem identification, diamond grading services, and comprehensive educational programs, the GIA ensures that every certified stone embodies the pinnacle of excellence.

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GCAL: Pioneering Diamond Grading and Integrity

GCAL is committed to setting the highest standards in the world of gemstones. Established to provide both buyers and sellers with an unwavering sense of trust, GCAL diligently defines and maintains the standards essential for evaluating the quality of gemstones. Through meticulous research, precise gem identification, and expert diamond grading services GCAL ensures that each stone is accurately certified.

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Transparency and Quality: Our Promise

For stones below 0.50 carats (excluding antique rose cuts), we undertake an in-house grading process, reflecting our commitment to transparency and quality at every scale.