Hirsch M. Klusner operated the Belle Epoche jewelry shop in the seaside district of Russia. Provider of rare gems & watches, he plants a seed that will span the next five generations of his patrimony.

Fleeing to Berlin

Amidst the Bolshevik revolution, Hirsch & his son, Meir, set up shop in their new home, supplying much of the city’s fine jewelry.

With the rise of the 3rd Reich, Meir & his son Stanley carve out the pages of books & fill them with jewelry.


Meir obtains passports and embarks on a steamer trip to The New World.

the two settle in New York City and begin anew in Manhattan's jewelry district,


eventually passing the business to the fourth generation, Rodney Klusner.



Jared Klusner is born. He soon spends weekends in his father's shop, captivated by the intricacies of precious stones and their settings.

He develops an ability to spot the exotic & unique amidst the dross of metals & gems, laying the foundation for his future expertise.


Before long Jared is scouring the world for rare one-of-a-kind pieces. He specializes in eras of bygone times – 19th century Victorian, turn of the century Edwardian, French Art Nouveau, Art Deco, and Retro 40s, All while honing an eye for vintage engagement rings.


and the rest is history.