A Guy's Guide: How to Choose the Perfect Engagement Ring for Her Style

A Guy's Guide: How to Choose the Perfect Engagement Ring for Her Style - Erstwhile Jewelry

A Guy's Guide: How to Choose the Perfect Engagement Ring for Her Style - Erstwhile Jewelry

You may have thought that finding your soulmate was the hard part, but choosing the rock with which you pop the question can be a uniquely challenging endeavor.

When it comes to choosing the perfect engagement ring for your girlfriend, it can be a daunting task. After all, you want to choose something that she will love and that will fit her personality. Read on for tips on how to choose the perfect engagement ring based on her style.

An engagement ring is the most important piece of jewelry most guys will ever buy and, often, it’s the most important bauble she’ll own. Unlike the earrings or bracelets you may have bought her for other special occasions, an engagement ring is something that—if everything goes accordingly—she will wear every day until death do you part. As such, it should be something that reflects her personal style and, most importantly, is as one-of-a-kind as her.

To help you navigate the many options, here are some thoughts on the engagement rings best suited to a few archetypes. Which one sounds like her?


Traditional Engagement Ring - Solitaire

If she favors the kind of classics that, like a crisp white shirt, have an appeal that has endured through the ages, she might be what we call a traditionalist. This gal appreciates tried-and-true styles more than making a bold statement. When it comes to engagement rings, that means opting for the most quintessential design: a round diamond solitaire prong-set in platinum or white gold (like our Astrid ring). Of course, even traditionalists like some unique flair—like flanking the center stone with the subtle sparkle of baguettes or studding the band with diamond pavé. Such details add a twist while still maintaining the characteristics of what most little girls first imagine their wedding ring will look like. If it ain’t broke…


Unconventional Vintage Engagement Ring

This maverick does things her own way, but we don’t need to tell you—that’s probably why you fell for her. She’s an original and her finely cultivated style is entirely her own. As such, she’s more likely to opt for a ring that bucks convention. The main thing is to color outside the lines. You can do this literally with colored stones like emeralds or sapphires, which can sub in for a traditional diamond or add an irreverent accent to classic ice. Or, you can go for a more unexpected overall design, such as a two-stone “toi et moi” ring, so named because the duo of gems symbolize you and your soon-to-be spouse (bonus points for sentimentality!) Vintage jewels of any variety are a particularly good choice for such originals: The rarity and one-of-a-kind history befit her individuality.


Minimal Bezel Engagement Ring

Not all women dream of bling. If your bride-to-be’s tastes skew towards simplicity, she’ll be swooned more by understated elegance than high-wattage glam. The ring should be as timeless as the rest of her wardrobe—think more Porsche 911, less Lamborghini Huracán. There are a few diamond-setting techniques especially well-suited to those less inclined to glitz. Clean-cut bezel-setting, which wraps the diamond with gold, allows less light into the stone, visually taking the sparkle down a notch. Similarly, antique-inspired collet settings, seen in Georgian-era designs and our One For You, frame the stone with patinated metal for subtle, lived-in charm. Rose-cut diamonds, and many vintage stones, also offer more discreet sparkle than modern brilliant-cuts. These designs may speak softly, but they make just enough of an impact.

Of course, these are just three schools of style and no two women are exactly alike.
But, whether she’s a traditionalist, maverick, minimalist or something else entirely, they key is to take your cues from the rest of her wardrobe. Gaining some insights into your bride-to-be’s tastes will pay dividends—it’ll not only help in finding the perfect ring, but make gift-giving a whole lot easier for the rest of your life together.

By Kareem Rashed