Mixing Vintage & By Erstwhile with Taylr Anne

I could leave the house sans makeup, but if I forget to put on my rings or earrings I feel somewhat naked.

We recently reached out to the lovely Taylr Anne to get her take on how to mix our collection of vintage and By Erstwhile heirlooms. The below is reposted from Taylr Anne's blog.

When I contacted by the beautiful jewelry company, Erstwhile, to style and photograph some of my favorite rings from their collection, my heart skipped a beat! They acknowledged my love for vintage jewelry and knew this was going to be a perfect match. After a visit to their website, within moments I couldn't agree more. A few years ago when I started making my own means, I decided I would buy beautiful jewelry for myself. On special occasions, I treat myself to jewelry that makes me feel beautiful, most often always vintage or fine jewelry from small businesses. There is something about finding one of a kind pieces because for as long as you own it, it feels as if it was made for you. I have collected a few pieces I wear always, as I believe diamonds and fine jewelry should be worn everyday. My day to day life is on the go, and there is nothing that makes me feel sexier than beautiful hands adorned in jewelry. I could leave the house sans makeup, but if I forget to put on my rings or earrings I feel somewhat naked. As I am always looking at my hands (whether typing emails, content, or photographs), it is part of my routine to slip on my favorite rings that make me happy. This was actually my first time trying on any type of engagement-style ring and it was fun to wear them in a way they aren't suppose to be worn. Trying on different styles has also made me aware of what certain rings look like on my hands and has given me ideas of what I'd love to potentially own in the future when that time comes. Although, a man I'd love to marry could give me any type of ring and I would find it the most beautiful in the world because he picked it out with me in mind. Being able to wear these Erstwhile rings has given me a new light in the world of vintage jewelry. After styling these pieces around home and in studio, I have come to the conclusion that every woman should have beautiful jewels in her life, no matter the occasion.

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