Art Deco Revival: Recreating an Antique Engagement Ring with Hand Carved Bands

Custom Art Deco Engagement Ring Recreation

Custom Art Deco Engagement Ring Recreation

We love the stories and history embedded in antique jewelry. Recently, we had the privilege of recreating an exquisite Art Deco engagement ring from around 1935 for a discerning client.

The Original Art Deco Masterpiece

The original Late Art Deco ring was a testament to the sophisticated and bold designs of the 1930s. This ring, originally set with a 2.89 carat old European-cut diamond with M color and VS1 clarity, was a remarkable piece of craftsmanship, combining platinum and 18K yellow gold in a way that captured the elegance of its era.

Original Art Deco Engagement Ring

The Reimagined Custom Creation

Our client, captivated by the ring’s beauty and historical significance, entrusted us with the task of recreating it as faithfully as possible. After an extensive search, we sourced a 3.22 carat old European-cut diamond with I color and SI1 clarity. This diamond, slightly larger and of a different hue, brought a fresh yet authentic touch to the recreation while maintaining the old-world feel. 

Our master jeweler meticulously studied every aspect of the original ring, ensuring that each detail was replicated to perfection. The intricate settings, the interplay of platinum and 18K yellow gold, and the delicate hand carvings were all expertly recreated. The result was a stunning piece that honored the original’s spirit.

Custom Engraved Bands

In addition to the engagement ring, our client adored these bands from the early 20th century. These bands were hand-carved with remarkable precision and artistry. To complete the set, we recreated two bands in our client’s size, ensuring that every hand-carved detail was lovingly replicated.

A Special Recreation

This project was particularly special for us. The original ring’s unique details and stunning craftsmanship made it a challenging yet rewarding endeavor. Our master jeweler’s dedication to capturing every nuance of the antique design allowed us to deliver a piece that not only met but exceeded our client’s expectations. The recreation was not just about replicating a ring; it was about preserving a piece of history and allowing its beauty to be appreciated anew.

Bringing Your Vision to Life

We love when clients come to us with a vision and a story. Each project is a journey through time, celebrating the artistry and craftsmanship of the past while creating something uniquely yours.

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