Top 12 Engagement Rings of 2019

Top 12 Engagement Rings of 2019 - Erstwhile Jewelry

Top 12 Engagement Rings of 2019 - Erstwhile Jewelry

Honoring our most favorite vintage finds that sold this year.

Over this past year we have found and sold the most gorgeous and unique antique rings. While we treasure them all, featured here are the most one-of-a-kind finds that are perfect specimens of their respective eras and styles. Some of the most popular features this year were two tone settings featuring platinum and 18k yellow gold as well as fancy cut diamonds which are any cut other than a round.

Almost as soon as this beauty was listed, disappointing many, it sold. The rather large oval center was exceptional and a rare cut to boot. With an old mine cut diamond frame and a two tone setting featuring platinum and 18k yellow gold. This beauty had it all.

A stunning combination of stones, an old mine cut center framed with rose cuts in the finest millegrain edge bezels. The ring itself is as flat as can be, one of our favorite features for an engagement ring, making it elegant and super wearable.

This Georgian find originated in the 1830s, a very rare find in this condition. Georgian jewelry is hard to find and typically expensive. In the industry there are certain characteristics or styles that we call desirable. This beauty is desirable.

Jewelry from the Belle Epoque era is the most elaborate and in our collections and another rare find. This particular style called the Tiara is very typical of the period featuring a pear cut (rare) diamond accented with brown diamonds. A truly unique find considering the iconic shape and unique fancy diamonds.

I included this beauty because not only did it get scooped up very quickly, the combination of details make it quite exquisite. The oval aquamarine center is so romantic and special but coupled with the perfectly hand crafted setting (I love the asymmetry of it!) this one is forever a favorite.

We love unique design elements like this perfectly executed wreath design. In rich gold centered with diamonds, this one is very special.

Another truly unique design. The intertwining frame feels Celtic. I love a calibré cut colored stone like these bright emeralds with the finest gold millegrain bezel. This one-of-a-kind antique treasure really can't be replicated and to me thats one of the most special traits, it is totally special to the owner.


I had to include a navette ring as that is one of the most iconic shapes from the early 20th century. This Edwardian find from 1900 is a perfect example of this style. I love the interesting shape, it isn't perfectly oblong but has a little unusual curve. And the white diamonds within the crisp engraved platinum make this an exquisite heirloom.

I had to include a rose cut diamond. Probably the most romantic and ethereal diamond cut. This rose cut is perfectly on display within this simple bezel mount with the subtlest millegrain edge. And I love the rich craved yellow gold. Definitely one of my favorites of the year!


I love an antique ring that is undeniably antique! What I mean by that is, just by glancing, you know that this is a vintage piece almost instantly. This one screams Deco. The modern geometric shapes featuring fancy cut diamonds are so interesting. The center is a marquise but the accents are totally rare and unusual kite shape diamonds.

A strong design without a doubt but the center stone is the gemmiest rectangular cut emerald that reminds me of a jolly rancher! Totally timeless.

And last but not least this treasure. I love the regal scroll work. One of my favorite features is two tone, gold and platinum work beautifully together.

We had such a fun year with the most lovely rings and couples, looking forward to what 2020 brings!

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