Top 9 Engagement Rings of 2018

Top 9 Engagement Rings of 2018 - Erstwhile Jewelry

Top 9 Engagement Rings of 2018 - Erstwhile Jewelry

Celebrating an amazing year in rings here at Erstwhile.

Here are our top 9 engagement rings of 2018 based on which were most popular and which we found to be most exquisite.


The oblong shape of this ultra sparkly cluster was especially unique. Encrusted with old European cut diamonds, this ring was a show stopper.


Vintage rose cuts with the right color and clarity are hard to find and this French rose was everything and more. In a simple but elegant Edwardian setting.


You could truly feel the history in the Georgian heirloom. Georgian jewelry in perfect condition is hard to find and very desirable.


This was a beautiful gold setting with east-west, north-south prongs which we loved but most gorgeous was the golden diamond front and center. Antique stones weren't prized for whiteness. They were judgment on overall character and cut. This stone truly was a golden diamond (if there ever were such a term).


The vibrant sapphire within this cluster was a deep "gemmy" blue. The cluster perfectly executed with charming diamonds in a two-tone setting. We love a two-tone setting here at Erstwhile and a classic cluster will never go out of fashion.


Another cluster but from the desirable Georgian era. Perfectly blackened metal with a bezel set oval rose cut. This time the two-tone is pink gold and oxidized silver. Incredibly romantic.


Classic Victorian cluster but with a most magical pink sapphire.


1950's Cartier with a perfect just over 2 carat old European cut diamond with bullet accents made this WOW ring.


Last but absolutely not least this striking 4.77 carat Asscher cut diamond engagement ring from the Art Deco era. The Asscher itself is quite unique with its elongated shape echoing an emerald cut with the drama of an Asscher. The setting itself screams Deco glamour and the overall look is extraordinary. Truly a remarkable ring.