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Edwardian Antique Opal and Diamond Halo Ring

$ 4,500

Antique Edwardian ring set with a cabochon opal measuring approximately 11 x 11 x 3.4 mm. Surrounded by two rows of single-cut diamonds. Set in platinum and 18K yellow gold. Circa 1905. View video of this ring on our IG stories.

The opal in this ring flashes blue and green with hints of orange. The very tiny diamonds and details of the mount are exceptional. Besides being the October birthstone, opals are a "phenomena" gemstone displaying play of color that make then extremely seductive and perfect for a lover's gift.

Diamond and gold mining has caused devastation in areas such as Africa, wreaking havoc on delicate ecosystems and communities. Choosing to go vintage, you are eliminating the need for more mining and lessening the demand for new diamonds.

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