1747 – 1837

Jewelry from the Georgian era is incredibly rare because most precious metals and stones were repurposed in later years to make way for newer trends. The rings that do survive, however, are very interesting. Settings were always made to accommodate the diamond or gem. So no two Georgian engagement rings are ever alike.

During the early Georgian era diamonds were most desirable but colored stones like emeralds, rubies, and sapphires later came back into fashion. New diamond cuts were invented including the rose cut and old mine cut.

One way to determine if something is Georgian is check how it is mounted. Most stones in Georgian jewelry were set with enclosed backs. Because diamonds were still incredibly rare, a piece of foil was often placed behind the stone to increase its brilliance. The diamonds in these rings have a grayish or smoky look.

Settings & Materials

Typical Georgian settings are cluster and bezel. Gold and unpolished silver on gold were most popular. Diamond cuts found in jewelry of this time are rose, old mine cushion, and table cuts.

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